Facts About the Abyssinian Cats - Do you want to raise a cat that is attractive, easy to be taken care of, loyal and smart at the same time? If the answer is yes, then this Abyssinian cat might be the best cat’s breed to choose. Their large eyes with shining golden brown coat is very mesmerizing. Below we have collected awesome facts of Abyssinian cat you might not know. Let’s check together!
Facts About Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian Cat Facts: Origins, Colors, Health Issues, Nutrition

1. Highly Active and Leaping

Abyssinian cats are well-known for their high curiosity level, makes them very active. They are athletic type and leaping master. This cat can leap almost 2 meters. So, don’t be surprised when you find them sitting on your cupboard which is unreachable to your hand.

It’s recommended to provide cat tree if you decide to take this cat as your pet. This is to avoid her messing up your cupboard or climbing the curtain. Although this cat is very active, but she is still very suitable to pet.

2. The Smartest Cat in the World

Facts About Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinians are often considered as the smartest cat in the world. Why they can achieve such amazing label? Because they are a very fast learner so you can teach them playing or other activity easily.

They like to notice your movements and imitate it. Hence, you might find them able turning on the tap on their own. This smart cat once mentioned in one of the episodes of The Simpsons that they can change TV channel. Hmm, we know that it’s might be a joke, but with this cat’s intelligence it’s not impossible either.

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3. They aren’t from Abyssinia

The first cat categorized as Abyssinian is Zula which came from Ethiopia. However, although her name was Abyssinia (the ancient name of Ethiopia), but it doesn’t mean this cat originates from the country. Until now, it’s not clearly known the real origin from this smart cat. Some people say their origin is Egypt, Libya, even North America.

4. Prefer Befriend with Human

Abyssinian cats are sociable, loyal and affectionate. Although they are not the type that like to sit on human’s lap, but they will always be available when you need a friend.

They love play with their toys, but prefer playing and “talking” with their owner. Therefore, it’s not recommended to have this race as your pet if you are busy with your school or work while there is no other people in your home. It’s because Abyssinian cat needs constant activity or attention from their human family.
Facts About Abyssinian Cats

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Okay, that’s awesome facts of Abyssinian cat we’ve collected this time. Are you interested in this cat now? No matter your answer is, stay love a cat and have a happy day! Thank you for reading.