Fever in Cats: Symptoms and Treatments - When it comes to people, we can tell easily if they get fever. But, what kind of symptoms cats will have when they get fever? Are the symptoms just the same as in human? Or there are other signs? Okay, let’s find the answers below.
How to Reduce Fever in Cats

Fever in Cats - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery

1. High Temperature 

The first symptom of fever in cats – same as in human – is high temperature. So, take the temperature of your cat. If the temperature is higher than 102.5 Fahrenheit degrees, than your cat can be said as having high temperature and thus, she gets fever.

2. More/Always Sleeps

When your cat is usually very active, then turns to sleeps more or always sleeps, there is a possibility she is getting fever. To ensure whether she gets fever or not is by taking its temperature.

3. Diarrhea

Your cat might also get fever when they are diarrhea. This sometimes happen when the cat is ingesting something new or unusual that cause their intestinal system to react. If the fever is with vomiting, take your cat to the vet right away.

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4. Loss Appetite

If your cat usually likes to eat very much, then suddenly she stops eating or lose appetite, it’s also can be a symptom of fever. Again, lay your cat down and take its temperature.

5. Hair Loss

Although it’s normal for cats to get hair loss, this condition can lead to fever when the hair loss is happening outside the common period or cause. For example, it’s been known that your cat usually changes fur in the spring and autumn, but she get much hair loss in the summer. Then probably your cat is getting fever.
How to Reduce Fever in Cats

6. Watery Eyes, Nose and Ears

It’s a bit dangerous when your cat show this kind of symptom. When the cat gets fever, sometimes a kind of liquid come out from their eyes, nose and ears. Don’t let this condition for long, take your cat directly to the vet.

7. Vomiting

Like in human, vomiting in cats also can be a symptom of fever. The cats like to vomit when their body’s temperature rises. Although vomiting is not always the symptom to certain disease, but it doesn’t mean you can ignore it.

8. Excessive Thirst

Yes, it’s true that the cats like to drink more than dog. But, when their liking to drink becomes excessive, it can be a symptom that there is something wrong in their body. When their body’s temperature higher, they tend to drink more as a result of dehydration.

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Alright, cats’ lovers, those are several common symptoms of fever in cats. We hope you find it useful. Take care of your cat dearly. Have a nice day ahead and thank you for reading.