How to Approach and Help a Shy Cat - Sometimes along the way home we might meet and need to help a neglected cat. Approaching the neglected cat, though, is not as easy as approaching home cat which used to human interaction. The neglected cat usually tend to be shy and afraid of interacting with human. Therefore, here we write some tips that might be useful for you in case you need to help neglected cat or if you just started having a new shy cat in your home.
How to Helps a Shy Cat

Help Your Shy Cat Be More Social With These Training Tips

1. Approach Slowly

Approach the cat slowly and calmly. Do not make sudden movement because it will make her startled and afraid even more. Also, don’t stare directly to the cat’s eyes, but just a glance and flicker once in a while.

2. Squat Down and Soften Your Voice

Do not stand and shadow the scared cat. Instead, you need to squat down to close the gap the distance with the cat. Then soften your voice at calling her. Speak with the cat like you speak with a little child. Even though, you are in a crowded area, you don’t need to louden your voice. The cat will hear although your voice is very soft.
How to Helps a Shy Cat

3. Do Not Forcedly Lift the Cat

Never forcedly lift the scared cat. Because it might hurt you and it will also make the can even more afraid of you. They will not believe you either. Hence, after doing the two moves above, you might need to give some cat’s food. Nah, lift the cat when they’ve approached us.

4. Provide a Hiding Place

When you succeed to bring the neglected or the scared cat, it doesn’t mean your task has ended. The cat will need couple of time to adapt with your household. It is better for you make a hiding place for her.

You can make the hiding place from cardboard box, empty book-shelf, cupboard or anything that can be used by the cat to hide. Let the cat to run to the hiding place anytime she feels afraid. And so, she will be able to build a belief that her new house is safe for her.
How to Helps a Shy Cat

5. Provide Vertical Place

Vertical place helps the shy cat to explore new environment. She will be able to safely looking around the house from the height. Provide a cat tree or simply mattress for her sitting and seeing her new world from that place.

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Alright, cat lovers, those are 5 tips to approach a shy cat. Hopefully it can be an assistance to you. Thank you for reading and spread the love for the cat all over the world.