5 Life Hacks Fur Cat Owners - When people decide to raise a cat, they must have been ready with all of the consequences. Not only sparing some time to play with the feline, but also fulfilling all of their needs including foods and toys.
Life Hacks For Cat Owners

However, as cute as they are, sometimes cats can be frustrating too. Moreover if they’re very active and curious. Like, for example, their habit in climbing table or clawing furniture. How to cope with it? Find these 5 life-hacks that might ease your life with your annoying yet beloved cat!

5 Cat Life Hacks Every Cat Owner Should Know!

1. DIY Scratch Post

It’s very well-known for the cats to claw here and there and when we decide to keep them as our pet, we’ve been aware of that. Still, sometimes we might be annoyed when our favorite furniture scratched by their claws.
Life Hacks For Cat Owners

What to do? Don’t wait until all the part of furniture clawed. Try make scratch post for the cats. It’s fairly simple and easy. First, choose the strong table or chair. Then, cover the table or chair’s legs with pipe’s insulation. Use double tape to stick the pipe’s insulation with the table’s legs. The last, cover the table legs by entwining sisal rope. Choose the thick sisal rope. And, DIY scratch post is done!

2. Green Tea Leaves 

Is your cat’s litter box stunk out? Sow some green tea leaves at the bottom of the litter box. The green tea leaves can reduce the odor problem from the litter box. Very simple, right?

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3. Flat Plates 

Just like in human, eating too fast is not good for cats’ digestion system. Besides, it may add our daily chore as the cats that eat too fast tend to vomit easily. To overcome this, you can try giving flat plates for their foods container. The flat plate will reduce their eating’s speed.
Life Hacks For Cat Owners

4. Plastic Hand Gloves

It can’t be avoided that having a cat means many places in our home full with her fur. Use plastic hand gloves, then wipe your hand to the surface of sofa, bed or other surface you know your cat likes to be there. The plastic hand gloves can lift the scattered cat’s fur from those surface.

5. Double Tape

If you dislike your cat climbing the table, you can try this trick. Stick a double tape on every edge of the table so the cat will not climb it again. As you might know, the cats do not like sticky surface.

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Okay, cat’s owners, those are 5 life-hacks we can share with you this time. Hopefully it can be useful enough. Have a wonderful days with your lovely cats! Thank you for reading.